Light-field, or plenoptic imaging allows us to refocus post-capture. As the micro-vascular structure is located at multiple depths, self-occluding, and very thin, using a fixed-focal-length lens or a small-aperture all focus lens creates a loss of information in imaging micro-vasculatures. Therefore, capturing the entire light-field allows us to 3D reconstruct the vasculature structure. The team pioneers in fabricating angle-sensitive pixels that can capture the entire light-field from a single measurement.


Design and Characterization of Enhanced Angle Sensitive Pixels

Angle-sensitive pixels are micro-scale devices which capture information about both the intensity and incident angle of the light they see. These pixels acquire a richer description of incident light than conventional intensity-sensitive pixels. We demonstrate a light-field camera using an image sensor composed of angle-sensitive pixels and a conventional camera lens. Single images captured by our camera can directly be used for both computational refocus for enhanced depth of field and depth map generation.

CMOS Angle-Sensitive Pixel Design for Bioscatterography